Monday, July 8, 2013

My Sense Of Reality

I can't remember the last time I held a microphone in my hand. The beats that once resinated within my core have vanished. Stories that were once my trophies have now become burdens I live with. I close my eyes as I lay alone. I think back to it all and how a smile felt. A real smile has not graced me for longer than I can remember. 
Lines on my face multiply with time, sighs and tears. I once was the fun I'm the forgotten. I chose a bitter path that won't end well. I often look at the speed on the dash. How fast until the flash of light. Too late to go out on a high. Each room is always dark and cold. Where did the moments go? Is life a series of days passing until the next disappointment?

In this moment you are you. In your moments I was me. I don't know who this is anymore. 

I wouldn't want to know me, so why should I blame you all. Misery waited a long time for me and it found me. 

It's time to avoid myself. 

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