Monday, July 15, 2013


When the night comes I think back. I lay in a hollow bed that I share with someone who is a passenger on this vacant ride. I look at her and think of someone else. The intimacy doesn't exist and the tension grows daily. This routine has become habit and plainly put a disease. I just closed my eyes and saw you and wished I had held you more and reminded you I love you each and every day. We wasted so much time and this situation and feeling are a result of me and my actions. Just one more night would let me rest in peace, just one more night to tell you the millions of things I miss. I don't know why and when but it went wrong and I ache not daily, but in each minute I ache. You can't change what has happened but it's doesn't hurt to wish. Just one more time in front of you playing music..for you.

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