Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anonymous letter Part One.

Sometimes misery is a taste that feels far too right. I could blame her a million times over, but the truth would always win. She turned off the dark road that was me and found a way out of my loving clamp. I could never say I did all this because of hate, nor because of love. As far back as I can remember my biggest problem has been my insecurities. Of them, I have many. 

Her letter said it all, and left me broken in so many pieces  unretrievable to all. I have made the choice to 'punish' her and flaunt how much better I am doing since the letter, but the truth is I have slowly fallen apart since. In my personal life, every choice I have made has been at times shameful and soul crushing. I have forgotten who I am and was. Misery loves my company, and I deserve the misery.

I am not sorry for loving her, just sorry for wasting her time while she blessed my heart with hers. 

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