Monday, August 27, 2012

Slow Motion

Sometimes things in life feel like a movie. For me I've had a couple of nice Hollywood moments, but the majority feel like the heartbreaking scenes from Nicholas Spark novel to film adaptations. You know these moments from the clear physical changes you succumb to when it happens. Heart rate increase, nausea, loss of breath and the inevitable world disappearing.  Be it good or bad, the world leaves you for a bit and you feel alone. This could be in a good way, when a person comes along that just takes you into the depths of your heart that you never thought existed. There is also the inevitable gut wrenching painful world stoppage. These ones are shocking. The world disappears in a way that makes you realise that people really don't give a fuck about your feelings or in reality what shit the world is dishing at you.

There have been many moments in my 28 years that have gone through my slow motion filter. I vividly remember when I had my first kiss with Laura, my first love. It was a moment that belongs in a box to show my grandchildren one day, if I ever had any that is.  I remember the moment I read a cowardly email from my ex that broke me into a million. We remember these moments, as they define who we are and how we have changed because of them.

I recently got one of those moments at my job. It was a girl that came as an intern. She moved my world. The slow motion vision of her was beautiful.

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