Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The lie

With the pain of what I did inside me I knew I had to face her and tell her the truth, this was something I knew would instantly change the tone. My situation wasn't like hers, I kissed someone as revenge for what she did. I was hoping I'd fall deep for this, the pain was surfacing and I needed to know why this was all happening! The "dream couple" was falling apart at the seams. I stopped and looked at her the next day when my friend and I visited her t work after university. She looked stunning, no make up and just naturally breathtaking. I needed to tell her, but those six words returned and I just lied. I thought living a lie, like her would fix this madness. I bit my tongue and accepted the fact. I fucked up and she has too, but losing her wasn't worth it. Denial began.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Six Words halved. She Said Yes.

The dream came. It visited me a month ago. 
A month ago a soul taker visited me and warned me that I would be repeating my six words. 
Today I did. Those six words
Today I type without my glasses as they keep fogging. The reality is simple, everyone will feed the same bullshit. For everything a reason. For every ending a new beginning. And so they will say there will be a good reason. 

Tonight I saw the light leave me and now this hollow person will resume the life. Goodbye kid, I'll miss you..thanks for the dreams.