Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Soul meets soul on lover's lips.
~ by Percy Bysshe Shelly
The words "I love you" get thrown around alot in society. As time goes on the words start losing meaning. Talking about all the low points in any relationship is easy. No matter how much you hurt after they have left, those bad times dissapear and all that remains is the longing, until that fades too. When the longing and the pain leave your heart, all you are left with is an empty space, it is where love lived. The scartissue it has caused make it harder to love again and even harder to heal if a repeat offense occurs. Excuses get thrown back and forth filled with bickering, blaming each other and recalling events which hurt more than they lead the path to closure.

After all the secrets came to the surface there was only one thing left for me to do. I needed to find myself. I needed to like myself instead of hating myself for reaching this point in my life and in this circumstance. The ideas in my mind where a dime a dozen and I was trying to find a solution on the matter. The small plans I had made for a quick solution was to fly to London. I wanted out of this scene and quick. The plan was simple: move out, move on and move quick.

I let myself go after we broke up. I was meeting new people, playing gigs all over the place and leading girls on over and over again.

One night in a place called HotDamn! I realised what i needed to do to find my closure.

To Be Continued

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