Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Last Goodbye

Locked in a cold room,
I'm alone waiting to hear from you,
chained to the phone.
But it never rings.

Life is a journey,
love never lasts; that's what they tell me
but Ive never asked
Just to know you looked away from me,
when I needed you the most
Now the time has come,
The dream came true.
I hope things work out for you

My rose.

Rain keeps on falling but only on me
Lost in a winter of your memories
Just to know you walked away from me
when I needed you the most
There was a time when i could believe the future was bright and unjaded
Now things have changed and im not the same
everything clear slowly fading

My lonely rose, me.

Today it didn't hurt as much, I could almost breath, I could almost touch
But still I keep your heart with in my chest
Pain I’ve known is laid to waste,
Lost in a sun-set thinking of you
Who are you with now? And what did I do?
One things is known,
And I want to die alone
I hope this whole thing works out for you

Lost here with you, lost here without you.

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