Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laughter for your tears...

I'm sorry for the demon I've become,
You should be sorry for the angel you are not.
I apologise for cruel things I did,
But I don't regret one single word I said.

Could you forgive me if I told you that I cared?
Would you be sorry if I swore that I'd be there?
Please forgive me for laughing when you'd fall
I'm so sorry but I never cared at all.

Just walk away make it easy on us both
Just walk away there was never any hope
Just walk away you already know the deal
Just walk away pretend that none of this was real

You are the best i know,
Who can pretend so much.
One of my biggest fears,
Became my happiness.
The only smile I hid,
was buried in your tears.

Could you blame me for chasing you?
I confused the things you said for true.
I apologise for love I inflicted,
You deserve the life we all predicted.

( This was written after all this story had ended, quite recently. Sometimes people need to stop and ask themselves; "do i really need this in my life?" "Do i deserve being lied to and played over and over again?" The scariest thing about this, is that now I see how blind i was, and can pretend that none of this was real. How can you have respect for someone that can never offer you a straight answer? A person that so many people warn you about, their own friends, your own friends, people that they work with...how can you trust that person? Sometimes things have a funny way of working themselves out, so that you are saved from more harm. We always said fate brought us together at the wrong time. I think fate brought this story together to teach me a valuable lesson and establish an understanding about denial and the idea of people's self perception they hold, or self efficacy.

In the end, i am always right.-Flaw )

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