Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Text Me Candy

"Trying to forget someone you love
is like trying to remember
someone you never knew" Mother Theresa

How far would you go if she is your Cinderella but you are not her Prince Charming? The scariest part of love is someone not returning it. The entry below this was the truth, and all i will do is continue to tell this story as it is.
A message in my mobile phone read as follows, again word for word. The bittersweet turth is all i have left. It will be all i have to give. Here's the most recent instalment:

MESSAGE: 22/09/09
> I dont want a msg back. I dont want to ever hear from you again. I just need to say that I can't believe that you would ever stoop that low. Telling the world about my darkest secret n not being very discreet....So thank you for making me feel like garbage n stirring it all up again.
Really appreciate your sensitivity to the subject. You trully are scum...

In all honesty this is not revenge, it was simply an instalment of honesty. I have no fear of hurting her feelings, as she had made mine evaporate with time. The blog will continue with the honesty, and all secrets will be unveiled, past and present. This, as stated from the beginning is a confession. Not a retalliation.

Also, Sandi, remember. He may just be scared by the hold love might have over him. Sometimes love scares people to act as though someone else. It is truly frustrating, it makes you want to shake them and make them wake up. What more can we offer them? Who else can we be? You ask yourself what it is about YOU that you can change or alter so they just love you, but it's not you. Its them. If they can proffess their love once, give your their body and just be yours, then why does anything have to ever change? Usually it is temptation offered, or just the fear of love and the possibility of you being the one, or vice versa. Forever was the most craved for and warm word anyone could offer, now if feels more like a curse. People will say move on, forget him, just go with it. But all i will say is live the pain it's causing you, because if it really is the end, this longing is the real love. That drowning sorrow and slow bitter realisation is bliss. Flaw

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