Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Teeth

the wind it blows.
Wind it seems to always know.
I can taste it that i found you.
My mouth is drowning in you.
The edge is hurling at you,
and im upside down, baby im upside down.

Would you be my valentine?
I'll paint you red, like friends of mine
And would you be my valentine?
I know im not perfect.
But it's raining down,
and im lying on the ground

And all my windows are fogged,
Im cutting up every thought i've had.
It's sharp here where i stand,
And i misbehave on every command.
Oh but i dont want to hurt you,
I just want to keep you.
Alright i'll touch you, because i dont belong
baby, i dont belong.

Would you bother to chase me,
because im running.
Would you bother to take a chance,
knowing it can change everything?
If you dont, you wont feel anything else in the dark,
and we will fall out like baby teeth.

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