Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every person ought to know. Sometimes something so short can have a lasting affect. Reality is when you feel, not when it makes sense." - Mistinguett

An obvious direction for this entry would be a detailed description of a perfect serene date. Word for word, touch by touch, look by look, kiss by kiss. That would be too cliche and unfortunatelly not the way I saw that day. I will not refer to it as a date, but a day of togetherness, simply because that is what it was. I will desribe the myriad of feelings with an iridescent perception.

That day was amazing. I was awaiting her arrival at the pier, my heart was thumping inside my chest like an African ceremonial drum line. My glasses were clouding due to the temperature increase my adrenalin was causing. I noticed her approaching the pier and i began walking towards her. As we were walking our eyesight was linked in synchroneity. We engaged each other in the first step towards this journey. I felt total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warranted regarding our connection. I found something, the only thing i had lost in my life, love.

The colours of this union were gentle and pleasing to the eye. Watching our connection as if it were a painting could make anyone believe they want more in life. I was indulged in the beauty of these many moments, and i still crave a day such as it. The painting would be crafted in oil paint with swift loops exentuating her curly hair in the sun light, dark shades to the 'balls' that kept falling on us from the trees, merely fruits of a tree offering the childish connection that unleashed the fun side of our relationship. A dark spot on her face to pin point her little beauty spot i would kiss.

Each gentle touch followed by a soft smile gave me a brighter and warmer feeling than the sun. To be a by-stander this day would have bred jealousy in me. I felt like i was 17 all over again. I wanted to play it cool around her as she disclosed to me her darkest secrets. She bared her soul, and I witnesses her stripped back and flawed. A perfect image made for me, and i turned off the world and became commited only to her. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. Nothing else was needed...she was here.

I saw tears, i felt a clenched heartfelt confession, i saw a look only someone who was broken inside could offer. Maybe i was wrong, but her eyes spoke to me about the world's cold seat for her. I couldn't imaging the pain she had gone through, all i could see was me kissing the tears she cried, unconditionally. Our kiss was gentle and emotinally driven. We waited for so long for this kiss. As the day began to end, time flew past. We had spoken about most things, and it felt as though i had not missed anything all this time.

As i promised to myself i would be true to this blog. That day i walked away happier than ever. I walked away thinking the rumours of having a soulmate were true. A reason. Unfortunatelly i had a sneaking suspicion about something....and what i fould out next day began witheringme away..i had to say goodbye...thats when she said it...i was shocked. i was petrified!!!! Then it came through...''

TO Be continued

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