Sunday, May 31, 2009

Misery, inspires.

We are ready for the siege,
we are armed up to the teeth
we care for how you live and breathe
release whats broken underneath

Do you feel safe again? look over your shoulder
Very carefully look over your shoulder and tell me what love can be.

You may say..
We can laugh about it now,
we hope everything works out.
Be careful how you lick your wounds
Believe that change is coming soon

You used to do a little but a little won't fly,
Right before you hit your prime.
Thats when we fell in love but not the first time
That is when i was yours and you were mine.

Can I please you still?
Put your name in my father's will?
Or does it make, you ill
let us prove was the me's
We will lean straight forward and feed
You will be relieved
so relieved,
to the floor,
it was I,
Feel the sparkles verified
misery inspires.
Your flow has been caught sabatoged
never noticed the size of the floor
it can be, you know

You said you believe but believing won't fly
Right before you hit your prime
Thats when we fell in love but not the first time

And when its all over and you open your eyes
and it still wont turn on inside
and you'll be lying down low on the floor side

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