Monday, May 4, 2009

The first wave

"If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking"

I am sure the critics out there will call this blog many things. A love story, an emo outlet, a drible of emotions...the list can go on. The truth is this will be simply a collection of events in my life within 12 months. The one truth is, this will be the very truth, no matter who gets hurt and what people think. I wont speak anything, but written, musically or painted with words i do. So read, or dont, it wont change what i want to say in my memoirs.

That night will resonate in my memory everlastingly like the first painful drunken humiliation you have had that you bring up every time you share time and ironically alcohol with people that were there. Small drops of rain began to fall from the slightly cloudy sky, i noted this as i walked from my car to the venue to spin alone to a consistent crowd of hundreds. I remember on that warm summer night as i arrived to play yet another Wednesday show there was something unusual, which was merely brushed off as just another summer night sprinkled with rain. I played a good solo set and spun a couple of older songs to mix things up. I always enjoyed suprising people with classic build me up buttercup, the rembrants and at one time..will smith's Gettin Jiggy wit it! What is a jiggy? I usually spun from 9pm till 11pm then i would have a 2 hour break and return at 1am.

In the break my friends and I would travel by foot to another nightclub down the fiercely intoxicated travel path of Wollongong's night life on a Wednesday night. We would go and enjoy cheap drinks and see my friend, who was also an artist i worked, drank and partied with. He played at this club until 130am and then joined me at my club for an hour and a half of mixing. We always acted like clowns in this club, and due to it's lack of punters, we got away with it! We would invade the dancefloor with 80's dance moves that would even make Hugh Grant cringe. It was always fun and fueled with harmless levels of drinking and funky dance music.

The time came when i had to leave and walk back to the club where i played my wind-down 2 hour set, which i always enjoyed because the people that remained were intoxicated or other, but the important fact was they would dance to anything. Bliss! Punters always requested harder songs, and i complied, simply because I got to play hard, fast and try tracks the mainstream crowd frowned upon. It was artistic freedom without boundaries, i loved it. I mostly ended the night with a random rock song from Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Silverchair or Linkin Park! When i returned to the club i noted a strong remaining crowd after my colleagues whored every popular song and eventually moved towards hard fidgety songs before i arrived.
My colleagues consisted of two brothers who were and are very talented musicians. We actually had a group together by the same name they use now. There was four of us. The two brothers spun the songs, i Emcee'd and sang and we had a female vocalist.
Our career as a four piece seemed to creep the doorstep of fame, and often knocked, however a messy love affair, band animosity from silly squables and many drunken raod trips saw the end come and we all went our seperate ways. I tried the solo, duo thing and various other combinations im still trying. When my groove comes back ill know it. To be honest i miss the road trips, the drunken silly fun and the people we met along the way.

Upon my arrival the brothers began packing up their CD's and preparing to leave, they noticed i was wet from the consistent drizzle of rain outside since the late evening, which they commented hadn't ceased yet. I took my jacket off and adjusted my signature beanie, which was more of a knitted head band. Some people commented it looked trendy and somewhat linked it to my image, however i wore it because it blocked out the high treble frequency from the speakers in the night club. It was simply my ear muffs, which i loved to wear because it also meant i didnt have to worry about doing my hair.

I found my headphones in my small 'Bob the Builder' bag, which served as both an alcoholic smuggler and a headphone protector. At all my shows all my friends would always ask where 'Bob' was. He was welcome at every show and party! I popped my headphones around my neck and waited for their song to spin out to mix mine in. I began playing and drinking my beer....the strobe and oby lights were flying around the room, the smoke was flying through the people as they danced to my big opening tracks. I played for almost 40 minutes non stop, when i went to change CD's and i felt a weird sensation. A warm and yet scary feeling which began this rollercoaster that left me thinking that once i had this world but now i've lost it all. I rarely looked up, i liked concentrating on my mixing, i ignored the feeling and continued to play.

I dont know how it happens. Maybe it's energy, or a form of quantum physics but there's nothing like the feeling when you know someone's eyes are set on you. These moments froze the earth i was in. That time of the night i knew there was at least 200 people around me and on the dance floor. I gave in. As the feeling consumed me i decided to look up, straight to where this energy drove me to. I simply gave in. As i glanced up the room was suddnely empty. She was standing there smiling with her eyes. She began it all with a little wave, as my pulse increased. I dropped the headphones on the decks..

We see two things in people; what we want to see and what they show us, i still wonder what i saw that night.

to be continued.

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