Friday, May 1, 2009

The first confession...

Welcome to my blog. I know and accept not many people will see this or read it, and also be offended by some of the things i say. This online collection or words will focus on the flaws of emotion, the facets of love and hate and the sociological exposure ive had to varied attitudes.

I am not old by any standard. My life is still very young, and i have a million oportunities at my feet. I have seen ancient places, modern places and sacred places. I have loved, laughed and drank until the sun came up and continued as the sun came down. I am and never will be anybody special. I wont be remembered when i die and my most significant mark on this earth will be a hole i'll occupy when i pass. This page will offer music, pictures and personal philosophy. It will be a real Nicholas Sparks adventure. I have experienced possibly the most unique and morbid adventure in the past few years. I will explore this on here and hope some people join me for a chat and tell me a little about their life.
I will also sharesome songs ive written, some words ive crafted and some pictures i have painted.

This will be my life, my emotions, my art and what my experiences have created in me. A void i call 'The Devils Darkest Burning Star'.

I hope you can join me to keep this blog rolling..and allow an outlet for your heart, or a way to fill the hole where some heart would reside.

Like every story that causes art, life or an started with a girl.

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